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We enjoy creating and upgrading bios, resumes and LinkedIn profiles—and most of all, we thrive on helping good people reach their next level of success and happiness.

Gloria Russell executive resume writer

Hello from Gloria Russell,

With my lengthy corporate background, I clearly understand what it’s like to contribute as a dedicated employee. I was fortunate to work with good people over the years, and I happily pursued a wide variety of challenging projects that held my interest. Making a difference for myself and my family, colleagues, customers and vendors gave me a lot of joy over the years.

My corporate positions were typically an unusual mixture of responsibilities I created, no one else had time for, or no one else wanted. I was happy with that and felt I had the best positions possible. I love variety, and I enjoyed each area of responsibility including the time I spent screening resumes, interviewing and hiring.

My wish for all employees is that they feel valued for the goodness they provide and continue to grow and challenge themselves. If I can help someone find even greater joy and advancement within their job or another, I am delighted to do so. Life is short, and the optimist in me says, “Let’s all be happy and do the work we love.”

In my role at Resume Pro, I thrive on helping people market themselves with confidence. I love helping people follow their vision, enjoy their work and make a difference in the world! The issue is how to let others know you’re capable, resourceful and ready.

I’m grateful every day for the fabulous people who have entered my life. High on my very long list of favorite things is helping people succeed. It is incredibly rewarding to work with someone preparing for a career move. Visualize the happy dance!

I’m an encourager, a connector and an advocate, and I’m cheering on my clients long after the work is completed. I’m wishing you the very best—however that might materialize for you. And I’m hoping that one day we’ll meet, smile and cheer each other on! If you’d like to start now, I’m good with that! Here’s a link to my calendar 🙂

Focusing on your best future,