LinkedIn logoAre you feeling like there isn’t enough time to update your LinkedIn profile or make the most of this versatile business tool? You’re not alone. We hear this often and don’t want you to miss the abundant opportunities.

You can easily expand your network and provide insights and information that are truly helpful for your intended audience.

Ready to get on track in 3 easy steps? These are for you:

1. Quarterly Review
Schedule time on your calendar each quarter to review your profile information. Make sure it’s current, complete, and speaking to your audience. 

2. Monthly Giving and Receiving
Schedule time each month (quick and easy) to give Endorsements to your deserving connections. Give a Recommendation to one of your connections who deserves a sentence or two of public praise. Ask for a Recommendation from a client or colleague.

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Upgrade your resumeWhy Market Yourself with a Resume Upgrade?

Have you updated your resume in the last year or two? If you haven’t, you might be missing a simple way to market yourself better. Your professional life is filled with change and growth. You acquire talents, reach goals, and attain victories all year long at work. 

Your resume should reflect those experiences and act as an ongoing record of your key achievements. And if your resume doesn’t project forward to what you’d like in your next role, it may be time to get in touch with a resume writer for a fresh upgrade.

Highlight Successes Regularly

Some professionals contact a resume writer for a refresh every year or two. And it makes sense because many are moving up the ladder in their industry. Their hard work pays off, acquiring new job titles, receiving more responsibilities, and making a bigger impact. These excellent career achievements should be added to a resume frequently. Most of us tend to forget some of our victories if we don’t make notes as we go.

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Career focus changeChange can be difficult but changing your resume doesn’t have to be. If your career goals have shifted or you’re looking for a job in a different industry, then it’s time to give your old resume a refreshing makeover. You’ve got a lot to offer, and a professional resume writer can help you market yourself to improve your chances of landing that interview.

And let’s face it, switching careers can make even seasoned professionals a little anxious. However, revising your resume with the guidance and support of a resume writer will boost your confidence as you start your journey. In addition, this professional will make sure your resume includes all the details necessary to target your new career field.

Revisit Your Experience

A professional resume writer will review your career history and pinpoint the relevant experience that promotes your value. Even if your expertise is in a different industry, an experienced resume writer can strategically craft your resume to highlight your abilities and get you noticed by a hiring manager.

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Choose resume format wiselyChoices. Choices. Choices. We have so many choices—from how to pay for goods and services to which format to use for a resume. Like online purchasing options, there are many common resume formats, and we’ve also seen some truly creative designs. However, the style you choose should present your best professional profile as the ideal candidate. You want it to show your most relevant skills, experience, and character to future employers and hiring managers.

Resume Formats to Consider

So, what’s the perfect format for your resume? It depends. The type of resume format you use should be determined by your circumstances, job history, and career path. The point is that you do have options, and you should be aware of those options rather than force yourself into using a format that does not fit your needs. 

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Why hire professional resume writerThere’s a lot of truth in the adage, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” I’ve received text messages from friends where the tone of their writing came off as frustrated or even angry. When I responded with concern, I was often met with surprise and, “Everything’s fine—busy as usual.” At first glance, I had the wrong idea based on the words chosen for text. 

Word choice is especially important for resumes. Words have tone, and that tone has meaning. If your words give off a tone of arrogance or weakness, it could signal a job search disaster. You don’t want a mediocre resume or a poorly written cover letter.

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Better best resume writingWhile some people question the need for a professional resume writer, my clients tell me that they know exactly why they needed this strategic, insightful assistance. They also clearly state why they are congratulating themselves for making the decision to find the right person to manage this for them.

The reasons for working with an experienced professional to create an exceptional resume vary. Here are just a few that I’ve heard recently. See if any of these resonate with you.

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