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Everyone has dreams and aspirations, and each client is inspiring. We take the time to ask the right questions and understand what makes you happy and what fills your day with joy. We don’t want to help you just get a job. We want to help you reach for the job you really want—the one you’ll excel at and be grateful for every day. 

We’d be delighted to learn more about you, your career and your goals. If we can help you, it would be a beautiful thing!

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At Resume Pro, we help clients by creating effective bios, resumes and LinkedIn profiles that help them optimize their professional achievements.

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Based in Minnesota, Resume Pro provides clients with professional resume writing and LinkedIn profiles. The company serves career professionals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, Greater Minnesota and across the USA. Resume Pro is a daughter company of Russell Resources LLC. For more information on Russell Resources and its copywriting services that successfully market U.S. service-based businesses, please visit