Better best resume writingWhile some people question the need for a professional resume writer, my clients tell me that they know exactly why they needed this strategic, insightful assistance. They also clearly state why they are congratulating themselves for making the decision to find the right person to manage this for them.

The reasons for working with an experienced professional to create an exceptional resume vary. Here are just a few that I’ve heard recently. See if any of these resonate with you.

    • You don’t have an updated resume or a complementary LinkedIn profile to help strengthen it.
    • You haven’t created a resume in so long that you have no idea what it should include.
    • You aren’t sure what format, style, fonts or length will represent you most favorably.
    • You don’t feel comfortable talking about (or writing about) yourself and what you do.
    • You’re not sure which accomplishments should be mentioned, and which should be omitted.
    • You don’t have a clue what hiring managers or recruiters value when comparing candidates.
    • You have some gaps in your work history and don’t know how to discuss it with confidence.
    • You know you have transferrable skills but don’t know how to uncover the value or express it.
    • You’ve looked at job postings and aren’t sure whether you would be considered qualified.
    • You want a marketing package that gives you the confidence to go after what you really want.

Did I mention there are more? Many more.

Once you have the critical elements of an excellent resume and a solid LinkedIn profile under control, the job search becomes less stressful. You gain the confidence you need and know you are prepared. 

You believe in yourself—and you need that well before you can expect someone else to believe in you.

When it seems too much to manage and you need someone to count on, we’re here for you. We help you build confidence in who you are and what you do so that you can follow your dreams, step by confident step. 

The process can be so much easier when you work with a resume writer who is also an experienced copywriter and marketing professional. One size does not fit all.

At Resume Pro, we work with career professionals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, Greater Minnesota, and across the country. We treasure each of our clients and do the happy dance when they find employment that fills them with joy. 

Be joyful. Give us a call at 651-400-0405.